Blooming lovely

After five days of almost continual rain, I looked out of the window this morning to find the skies had cleared and things had brightened up (albeit just a little). While the rain had caused some areas of the land nearby to become waterlogged, to my delight it also seems to have encouraged some more … More Blooming lovely

Walnuts anyone?

As you know, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the walnut harvest. That day has now come. Today I’ve been and gathered the windfall. From just two trees, I collected some 250 nuts. And I can see more, high up in the branches, just waiting for the opportune moment to fall. It’s taken me almost two hours to … More Walnuts anyone?

Waiting for Bertie

My beautiful, amazing sister and her hubby have created new life. Sebastian arrived on Thursday. We’re all thrilled! And I am so in love with that little bundle of joy. I am also a tad relieved that he arrived when he did. I’m currently back in the UK and was worried that he wouldn’t arrive in … More Waiting for Bertie

Nuts about nuts

Does anyone know what type of nut this is? They are growing in plentiful supply at the back of our house but we are unsure as to what they are. We suspect they are walnuts, and that we need to peel back the green outer layer, and then dry them out .   But we are … More Nuts about nuts