There is no shortage of drama in our house

I was just in the process of setting my out-of-office on my work email yesterday when Dennis came into the lounge looking very stressed indeed.

“You are never going to believe what’s just happened,” he said.

The heat expansion vessel in the gite had burst, causing water to flood out of the hot water tank at great force.

Part of the expansion vessel ended up on the opposite side of the cellar

My pulse began to race and panic set in my stomach. Please don’t tell me that all of our hard work was ruined.

Luckily this had all happened underneath the house in the cellar and so there was no noticeable impact. In all his years of plumbing, Dennis had never seen such a thing happen and as such we have put it down to a faulty vessel.

The relief was palpable. Neither of is could bear the idea of having to do the gite all over again. Plus, in a matter of hours the first wave of guests was due to arrive.

And there was still so much to do – the grass needed cutting (no mean feat in a garden the size of two football fields); the gite needed its kitchen stocking up with pots and pans; and there was an inordinate amount of cleaning to do in the main house, including sorting out the office which for the last two weeks has been used as a dumping ground for everything that doesnt quite have a home.

And then there was the small matter of needing to remake one of the beds in the gite after a certain someone splashed blue paint all over it – despite me specifically asking him not to paint the window until after the party! Grrrr!!!

So we set to it. But then a short while later, a car pulled up on to the drive and out got Adam and his two kids. Big hugs and laughter ensued and suddenly tidying up wasnt quite so important any more. The door was quietly shut on the office and the mess ignored.

And do you know what? That is absolutely fine.



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