3 days to go…

“What’s that beeping noise?” enquired our neighbour, Matt, as he dropped off some straw bales for us to use as seating for the party on Saturday.

“It’s the mole deterrent”, replied Dennis. “Works a treat too”.

Five mins later…

“That mole thing is really annoying, isnt it”, I said, as the incessent beeping began to get on my nerves.

“Mmm, I don’t remember it being quite so repetitive,” said Dennis. “Could it be something else? It sounds like an alarm clock.”

It was at that point then that I realised that the beeping was in fact the smoke detector. I ran inside hurriedly to find the house was full of smoke and all three smoke detectors going off. The tortilla I had put under the grill to warm up was now very warm indeed – burnt to a crisp, no less.

It was a fitting close to the day. A headache had hung around the back of eyes for most of the day as I slowly made my way through the list of gite tasks – clean the windows, clean the shutters, treat the bedside table for wood worm…

I had also learnt a valuable lesson today. That lesson was that when Ikea say that mattresses and bedding are to be purchased separately, what they are forgetting to include in that list are the slats.

Why the hell would you sell a bed without slats? It’s like selling a sofa without any cushions or a table without any legs. In particular, why would you sell a bed without slats when the extra comfort to be enjoyed by the slats was a key part of the product description!

So now we have bed frames and mattresses but no slats. Which renders them pretty much useless.

We have 5 options available to us:

1. Pay 150 euros for delivery and hope they turn up in time. Based on the fact this delivery was 2 weeks late, this doesnt seem like a sensible thing to do.

2. I make the 4 hour round trip to Bordeaux to get them myself. In busier traffic than I am used to driving in. By myself. When I am already way behind schedule. No thank you.

3. We see if we can find somewhere else that sells them.

4. We make some out of wood.

5. Everyone sleeps on the foor.

Going to try option 3. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday and nowhere will be open. Because this is France and nothing opens on a Monday.


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