10 days to go…

Have just been tiptoing around the house thinking that someone was trying to break in, only to realise that the banging sounds I can hear are fireworks echoing around the valley.

Panic over. Thank goodness. I didn’t relish the prospect of lying in bed wondering whether or not the boogie man was going to get me. That would not be conducive to a decent night’s sleep. Which is what I need. I am knackered.

Which is not surprising considering the day I have had today. It went a little like this…

6am Alarm goes off – set early so that I would get up as I have so much to do. Instead I turn it off and go back to sleep.

7.30am Wake-up in a panic.

8am I attempt to multi-task by working on several actions at the same time. I fail. Distracted, I burn my toast and my coffee goes cold.

9am Finally, I start making headway. I finish painting the second bedroom and clean the windows.

12pm I have errands to run. I have to pay the restaurant down the road for the meal we had on Friday (which didn’t accept cards) and go meet the band to discuss timings for the party. Along the way I get distracted again – this time with a little art and jazz expo in a neighbour’s courtyard… This will never so. I have work to do!


3pm Stop by donkey on the way back and give him a carrot. I do love that animal. Grumpy though he is.

5pm I am done. And so is the bedroom and the landing. But not the third bedroom and bathroom which I also had on my list for today. Should have got up when the alarm went off.


5.30pm Lie on the bed for 5 mins. Just 5 mins before I get in the shower.

6.15pm Wake up in a panic. I did not mean to do that!

7pm Make lists for the party: menu; shopping list; games to play; decorations to make. I do love a list.

9pm Head upstairs to sort out my wardrobe and find something to wear tomorrow. I am helping a neighbour with a wedding they are doing the catering for. Can’t decide what to wear. I have to wear all black. I have lots of black. Don’t know why I am stressing over this. Mental note: don’t eat lentils before trying on clothes – stomach so bloated, I look 9 months pregnant.

11pm Attempt to go to bed. Get dive-bombed by giant moth which subsequently gets tangled in my hair. Hear strange noises. Heart pounding. Decide to write this blog by way of distraction. Kick myself as I need to get some sleep.

On that note – night y’all!








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