11 days to go…

Nanny Betty left today. Her five-day holiday had been extended by a week after she fell and hurt her arm. We had been having such a lovely time as well – a trip to A&E was not what we had on our agenda (even if the doctor was very good looking – her words not just mine!)

Prior to her being forced to wear her “contraption”, we had meandered around beautiful towns and villages, wined and dined, and admired the fantastic sunflowers…

A week of rest and she was back to form. Her arm not completely healed but working well enough to be able to dress herself again – a necessity, given that it was impossible to find short-term, immediate help in the home. And so off to the UK she returned today, with Dennis for company, leaving me to crack on with the gite.

And that I did. Today was about the finishing touches in the main bedroom – cleaning the windows, painting the skirting boards, a final coat of paint on the door, getting rid of the spiders that had made the beams their home…

Only two more bedrooms, lounge, bathroom, kitchen diner and exterior to go!



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