The deadline approaches (and we’re not ready)

In 12 days, we have 20 friends from the UK arriving for our house warming party. For a week, both house, gite and garden will be full of adults and children all wanting kitchens to cook in and somewhere comfortable to sleep.

Not unreasonable demands. I’m just not sure I’m going to be able to fulfil them.

The gite is nowhere near ready. The cooker and fridge should have been delivered on 4 July but so far there is no sign of it. I’ve called three times and explained – in very bad French – the urgency of the situation but I do not get anywhere. Apparently, they are on their way but they can’t give me an exact date as to when they will be delivered. Of course.

The beds are suffering a similar fate – one of the many items we ordered from a certain well-known furniture company is out of stock, which is holding up the entire delivery. Apparently it will be back in stock on 26 July. We shall see…

We still have to…

  • replace the guttering
  • finish the kitchen diner
  • clear the patio of rubble
  • clean all the windows
  • replace the mosquito nets
  • paint the skirting boards
  • finish painting the internal doors
  • clean the whole place from top to bottom
  • build all the furniture
  • dress every room

Coupled with this we’ve had a problem with the fosse tank which has set us back about a day on the building work, and I, as always, have an inordinate amount of work to do, which means I’m having to juggle client deadlines with our own deadlines. No mean feat.

And somehow, on top of all that, I have to turn this room into something habitable for my best mate and her family.


If anyone fancies rolling up their sleeves and picking up a paint brush, just shout! I have lots of jobs I can offer you! 🙂


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