Painting woes

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I had fully intended to have the bathroom in the gite painted and ready for the toilet and shower to be installed, but it was not to be.

Dennis has done a sterling job on it so far. Somehow in between entertaining visitors, sorting out our new windows, installing new lights in the barn, fixing the outside tap and keeping on top of the lawn, which seems to grow inches in the blink of an eye, he has also managed to create a new bathroom in the gite.

Over the past few weeks, he has been crawling around under the house, drilling 28 inch holes through stone (yes you read that right – 28 inches!!) and threading bits of piping around the maze of beams and floorboards.

Where once there was a random corner of the lounge that wasn’t really useful for anything, there is now a bathroom, complete with waste and water pipes, and its very own wall and door, which Dennis has masterfully put in place, despite having limited experience in carpentry or plastering (proud wife moment).

My job yesterday was to get it painted so that Dennis can fit it out with the essentials and get it tiled – all of which needs to be done asap as we still have to fit a new kitchen and get the lounge, dining area and terrace decorated before the end of July. There is nothing like a self-imposed deadline to motivate you.

I failed. The paint did not want to stay on. Indeed, certain sections of the wall seemed to outright reject it, with this happening in more than one place – on both the old walls and the new one…

I’ve been looking at various online decorating forums as to why this might be. The options seem to be either:

  • I was using the wrong sort of roller
  • The walls are damp
  • I should have used a primer

Anyone got any insight or experience to share that might help?


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