Local walks: DeeDee’s in Champagne Fontaine

If one is to go on a walk, there should be a purpose to that walk. It might be to get a different destination, to see a particular attraction, or to test ones fitness, but there should always be a goal.

One of my favourite reasons for going for a walk is to blow away the cobwebs after a big night, ideally with a hair of the dog at the end.

We did just that over the Easter holidays. My dear friend Glyn, who I have known for more years than I care to think about, came to visit with his girlfriend Gemma.

His trip coincided with that of another old friend, Becky, and her family. Neither Glyn or I had seen Becky for about 20 years, so there was much catching up to do. Over lots of wine and cheese, of course.

Almost 30 years of friendship! Gah, how did I get to be that old!

Consequently, the next morning there were a few sore heads (here I shall make a smug face and say that for once I was not one of them as I had been very well behaved). While the others stayed in bed and groaned, Glyn, Gemma and I went wandering.

We set ourselves a goal – to walk the 7km to DeeDee’s bar in Champagne Fontaine and drink beer in the sunshine. DeeDee is a lovely old lady, edging towards her centenary I would say, who runs a cute little bar out of her lounge. And she serves cold, golden beer, out of a tap – just the refreshment you need after walking off a hangover.

IMG-20170417-WA0003And a great walk it was too. It took us past Donkey, up onto to the top road that offers sweeping views of the countryside. Then off-road for a bit, alongside a small turquoise lake and small woodland, before bringing us out by the chateau in the village.

20170415_150223A few cheeky beers later, we set off on the way back – this time sticking to the main road, but the views were still lovely, and we managed to see a cheeky coypu sunning himself by a pond. Happy days!





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