Walnuts anyone?

As you know, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the walnut harvest. That day has now come. Today I’ve been and gathered the windfall. From just two trees, I collected some 250 nuts. And I can see more, high up in the branches, just waiting for the opportune moment to fall. It’s taken me almost two hours to … More Walnuts anyone?

Coping with the cold, being too busy and getting emotional over babies

I am shivering as I type. Our house is but a converted barn with no heating, and while the stone walls kept life very cool during the blistering hot summer days, now the weather has turned things are not so pleasant. I have on four layers of clothing, including a hoodie and cardigan, and am … More Coping with the cold, being too busy and getting emotional over babies

My fortnight in numbers

Destinations: 10 Miles travelled: 2,099 Planes: 2 Car/taxis: 17 Trains: 16 Steps walked: 116,000 Meetings attended: 11 Business cards collected: 47 Events chaired: 3 Speeches delivered: 1 Cheese sandwiches and cheap wine: too many to mention New nephews greeted: 1 very beautiful little boy! More on this fortnight of madness to follow, but for now – … More My fortnight in numbers

Waiting for Bertie

My beautiful, amazing sister and her hubby have created new life. Sebastian arrived on Thursday. We’re all thrilled! And I am so in love with that little bundle of joy. I am also a tad relieved that he arrived when he did. I’m currently back in the UK and was worried that he wouldn’t arrive in … More Waiting for Bertie