The Flying Seagull Project’s big bold trip

Do you look at the European refugee crisis and wonder what the hell? Do you ever feel like you’d like to do something to help, but don’t know how?

I am a trustee of a wonderful charity called the Flying Seagull Project – a bunch of clowns, circus performers and kids entertainers who travel the world making sick and disadvantaged kids laugh.

In 10 days time they’re about to depart on the biggest, boldest project they’ve ever attempted is here, and we need as many people as possible to help make it happen.

The Flying Seagull Project entertained thousands of child refugees during their last visit to Europe


The Flying Seagulls will be returning to Greece to bring happiness to 1000’s of child refugees. It won’t be easy: the camps are often dangerous places and the children have experienced trauma beyond what we could imagine.

But with a big top tent, funny noses, spinning plates and games galore, our clowns will be spreading love and laughter, and bringing a smile to the faces of children who have not known joy for a long time.

But we can’t do it alone, and need as much help as we can get. Will you please donate?

The more we raise, the longer we’ll stay, so, please open your hearts and give what you can.

“Regardless of all the troubles, all the horrible things they have seen and the harsh situations that they have been through, every child was able to laugh and love. We will never forget your visit.” Sem Erkens, Red Cross


With much love and thanks,

Becky and your friends the Flying Seagulls.



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