The first month

Today we celebrate our first 31 days in France. This time last month, we were arriving in Sainte Eulalie d’Ans, absolutely exhausted after a mammoth 15-hour journey from London.

And so far, so good. We love the area we are in, we are much more relaxed than we were in the UK, and the sun has shone almost every day! How different to murky, grey London!

IMG-20160804-WA0007Some observations about our attempt to start a new life in France:

  • The countryside is stunning. Carpets of sunflowers; rolling hills; green woodland… There is so much beauty out here. And so much to explore.
  • France is huge. What looks like a nearby town on the map actually takes you an hour to get to. And there are huge gaps between the towns and villages; not like in the UK where everything and everyone are on top of each other. I am going to have to muster up the confidence to get back behind the wheel pronto.
  • Where are all the people? It is soooo quiet here. If we pass more than one or two cars on the road it constitutes as busy! This place is deserted. A huge (and welcome) contrast to London.
  • Food and drink isn’t any cheaper here than back home. A quick trip to the supermarket can see you 50 Euros down and there isn’t that much in the trolley.
  • Balancing work with leisure is much easier when you don’t have all the distractions of the city. However, having so much work to do means I’ve not really made much progress on learning the language or making new friends. Must try harder on that front!

Overall, we are really happy to have made the decision to move – here’s to more of the same!



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