How to maximise productivity while travelling with work

Being on the road means there is a lot of potential for hours of wasted time travelling between destinations. Given that we are always working at maximum capacity, this means I either have to fall behind on my deadlines or figure out how to maximise every second.

In the attempt to achieve the latter, I’ve developed a checklist and system of working that aims to ensure I don’t waste a single second. It goes a little like this…

  1. Make a list of everything that needs to be completed over the working period and allocate timings for each; place these into appropriate slots in calendar. For instance, focus on longer pieces of work that require sustained concentration during the flight; and save shorter pieces of work for those times when there are only 15 mins or so available, such as when waiting for a meeting to turn up or for the airline gate to open…
  2. Factor in time to eat, drink, sleep and relax
  3. Download any documents needed onto laptop that will enable offline working while on trains and in the air
  4. Ensure both laptop and phone are fully charged before leaving the house – there are never any plug sockets when you need one!
  5. Print off relevant documents and/or pack required reading materials for when standing in queues and it is not possible to use laptop, such as when waiting to board / go through customs
  6. Save all important contact details before leaving, which cuts out the need to search through emails on your phone around;  make calls while walking to meetings, through airports/train stations etc.

It requires a small investment of time the day before travelling but means that not only am I able to be productive, but makes the whole experience much less stressful – after all who wants to be worrying about what they’ve not done/got to do, when they should be concentrating on other stuff?




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