Day 20: Disagreements over salad dressings

When we left the house tonight for our evening constitution, the sky was dull and threatening rain. By the time we had done our circuit around the hamlet, it was much brighter: the clouds had cleared and the sunset was casting a warm glow over the trees. The houses ahead of us were beginning to prepare for the evening and the horizon was peppered with twinkling lights.


It was a beautiful end to what had otherwise been a dreary day. Exhausted from the London trip, I had slept in, which was much needed but set me two hours behind schedule. When I did get up and venture downstairs, it was raining and the hubby was clearly bored. Unable to venture outside because of the weather, he spent the day switching between grumbling about estate agents not sending him the information he had asked for and faffing around on the guitar and Play Station – all of which was distracting me and getting on my nerves.

I was clearly irritating Dennis as well – my repeated requests for him to be quiet while I did interviews over a terrible Skype line didn’t really help his (or my) mood. So by the time we got to dinner, neither of us were in the best of frame of mind.

Which then led to a disagreement over the salad dressing. My new favourite thing is to finely chop a tablespoon of capers with a handful of fresh parsley and a clove of garlic and mix it with natural yogurt and lemon juice – a kind of healthier version of mayonnaise, if you wish. It goes really well with potatoes. Or so I thought.

Dennis felt otherwise. “I really don’t like this dressing. It’s ruined the potato salad,” he said, as he poured chili sauce over it.

“This coming from the man who has no taste buds,” I muttered to myself.

Salad dressing dilemmas

Our disagreements then extended to the route we were doing for our walk (Dennis wanted a long walk, me a short option as I had a huge pile of work still waiting for me) and to the exact requirements we want from the house we are looking to buy. Do we mind if the gite is attached to the house? Where should the goats and chickens go? Exactly how much renovating work do we want to have to do?

We were still discussing all of the above when  we (quite literally) turned a corner. The sky unexpectedly lit up – as if deliberately trying to brighten our evening. It worked. We were friends again by the time we walked through the door.

P.S: I would love to know your views on my salad dressing. Do you think it sounds tasty? Maybe you could try it at home and share your thoughts on whether or not it is the perfect healthy dressing for a potato salad (it is).




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