Day 7: Today we found a beach

Friday 22 July

The one drawback to being so far inland is the lack of easy access to a beach. Or so we thought.

Today we discovered Rouffiac outdoor activities centre on the banks of the Petite Loue, just half an hour’s drive from where we live.


Man-made but beautiful nonetheless, the centre was created in 1983 and offers a selection of leisure activities, including canoeing, peddle boats and one of the only waterski cableways in Aquitaine – all set within woodland that was great for walking in.


Just as we were settling down to relax – Dennis for a nap and me with my book – a bus load of school kids turned up. Suddenly our nice relaxing afternoon was dominated by squeals and yells as they jumped into the cold water and splashed around in the lake.

In a bid to escape the noise, we went for a meander and discovered that the lake is huge. Every corner we turned there was more lake to enjoy. It would take a full day to walk along the full shoreline – giving us the perfect excuse to come back!

(It would also be a great place to bring a group of friends and a BBQ – hint hint to our all family and friends who need to come and visit!)





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