Party central

One of the many benefits of leaving the country is that it gives you a mighty fine excuse to have lots of parties with friends. Not only are these lots of fun but they also have the dual purpose of distracting you from the stresses of moving to a foreign land where you don’t really have a full grasp of the language and are no longer sure for how long you will have a legal right to live there.

As such, it was deemed essential to squeeze in as much enjoyment as possible. It was a task achieved with ease.

Over the course of the last two weeks, we have:

  • raved to old school classics performed by a 70 piece orchestra
  • wined and dined in some of London’s swankiest bars and restaurants
  • laughed hysterically at the fact the worst bar in Derbyshire has installed a hot tub as a means by which to attract customers
  • had a right good send-off at an east end boozer

All of which have been accompanied by our many beautiful friends and family – an eclectic bunch of fabulousness who we love dearly and are expecting to come and visit us on a regular basis in France.




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