Day 2: We lose a cat

Sunday 17 July: getting organised “Listen to that, Dennis.” “Listen to what? I can’t hear anything”. “Exactly.” No sirens, no angle grinder from the double glazing workshop over the road, no traffic. Just birds. Bliss. We wander downstairs. A cup of fresh coffee later (courtesy of Patricia’s goody bag she had kindly left us) and … More Day 2: We lose a cat

Party central

One of the many benefits of leaving the country is that it gives you a mighty fine excuse to have lots of parties with friends. Not only are these lots of fun but they also¬†have the dual purpose of distracting you from the stresses of moving to a foreign land where you don’t really have … More Party central

Post-Brexit dramas

We had it all planned out. We would sell up in London and buy a big, old rambling house with some land in the middle of the French countryside; I would continue running my business while Den would manage the land, enabling us to fulfill our dream of becoming semi-self sufficient. No mortgage would mean … More Post-Brexit dramas